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How to pick the right vape pen for you

cbd vape devices

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Vape pens are a prevalent form of e-cigarette used by smokers, ex-smokers, and CBD enthusiasts. They’re slim, light and easy to carry and comprise three main parts: a small rechargeable battery, a heating element (coil), and a tank that stores the e-liquid.

The vape pen market is booming at present, so there are plenty of devices to choose from – but it can be daunting if you’re unsure what you’re looking for. Luckily, we’ve put together this brief vape buying guide to help you pick the best vape pen for your needs.

Read on to learn how to pick the right vape pen for you.

What is a vape pen?

A vape pen is a device that heats e-liquid and turns it into vapour, delivering nicotine, flavour, and in many cases, CBD.

Originally designed to ease smokers’ transition from cigarettes, the efficacy of vape pens are verified by millions worldwide. What’s more, Public Health England found vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes, so there’s never been a better time to give it a go.

Best beginners vape pens

If you’re just getting into vaping, chances are you don’t want to break the bank for your first vape device. Thankfully, there are some brilliant vape starter kits that’ll set you up nicely.

Check out three of our premium beginners vape pens below, available now at Canavape:

Joyetech EGO AIO Vape Starter Kit

The Joyetech eGo AIO is an excellent all-in-one vape pen kit for CBD e-liquids and Canavape Complete Terpene infused vape oil. This is the perfect device to use with Canavape Complete CBD vape oils, as the naturally derived terpenes make the solution thinner than our standard vape liquids. Nevertheless, its versatility enables the use of regular CBD e-liquids, too, allowing you to experiment with CBD, which is exactly what you need as a fledgling vaper.

JustFog Minifit Vape Starter Kit

The JustFog Minifit Vape Starter Kit is one of the most compact vape devices available and not much bigger than the average thumb!

The pod utilises a 1.6 Ohm coil system, producing a mouth to lung vape experience similar to the ever-popular Joytech eGo 510 kit. And while it’s small in stature, the JustFog Minifit kit offers a tight inhale, producing rich, flavourful vapour.

There’s a handy battery indicator that lets you know how much charge you have left, too, which is ideal when you’re out and about.

Joytech eGo 510 Starter Kit

Designed with pure elegance and simplicity in mind, the eGo 510 kit is one of the most straightforward tank systems available. It is powered by a set wattage battery which is also compatible with many different tanks thanks to its 510 connection. In short, it’s a high-end vape device that won’t break the bank – what more could you ask for?

The eGo 510 is available in Black or White – to keep things simple! It charges via a USB-C fast charge port and lasts a full day making it ideal for CBD vaping.

Best vape pens for thick clouds

Some people like nothing more than thick, sweet-smelling clouds of vapour – which are best attained with Sub-Ohm devices. These vape pens provide delicious flavour and dense vapour clouds without damaging the atomiser or coil.

Sub-Ohm e-cigarette starter kits should come with everything you need. Still, you can also customise them with accessories – just ensure you like the vaping sensation before splashing out on a piece of sophisticated kit!

Best vape pens for heavy usage

If, like millions of people globally, you’ve transitioned from cigarettes to a vape pen, a high-performance device with plenty of customisation options is your best bet – you need a box mod.

What is a box mod?

Box mods are the next generation in vape pens, giving you control over everything from temperature to wattage and voltage, plus extended battery life, larger tanks, and better vapour.

Whichever vape pen you buy, we recommend that you purchase a pouch or case to keep it in and ensure you maintain your device to keep it working at its best.

Please note: This blog post reflects historical data predating recent changes in cannabinoid laws, medical cannabis regulations, and some of our best CBD product names, strengths, and formulations. These historical blogs remain as a reference post our website update, but they might contain outdated information. Discover our updated CBD and legal cannabinoid products for the best CBD experience.