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About Canavape

Hi, I’m Ben from Canavape, the original UK CBD brand since 2014. My own journey with comorbid diagnoses deeply inspires our mission to produce the highest quality cannabinoid supplements. No matter your wellbeing goals, we aim to have a product for you from our vast range of CBD oils, e-liquids & supplements. 

Canavape founder Ben next to some Canavape CBD products
“Each product reflects our commitment to quality. Expertly crafted with care so you receive the best.”
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The Journey...

Begins long before you receive our products. It’s rooted in detailed development.

Our pride in product development has led us globally, from sourcing the best CBD in Oregon's hemp fields to our integrated terpene lab in Canada, which ensures unparalleled quality.

As our products have evolved, so have the journies of those who use them. Our customers' experiences – where our products become key to their wellness – are at the heart of our shared journey towards better health and happiness.

Since 2014, we've been at the forefront, introducing our inaugural CBD oils, vapes & terpenes to the market.

“Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. Delivering anything less than perfect is unthinkable!"

Why Choose Canavape?

Every product is handcrafted by our expert UK team, ensuring unmatched perfection. Our small-batch production and decade-long expertise means our CBD products genuinely stand out from the crowd.

Our dedication to detail is unwavering, with every product purpose-designed and lab-tested. For us, delivering anything less than perfect is unthinkable!

Looking for help? Reach out to us! As a family-run brand, we know the importance of delivering a friendly & caring customer service. Our commitment is reflected in our 5-star Trustpilot rating, achieved through serving tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

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Thanks for choosing Canavape®

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