CBD Concentrates

Boost your favourite e-liquid with our range of CBD & CBG concentrates. Tune up your vape with Canavape. Do you dab? Check out our extracts here CBD wax crumble and additives here vape additives.

CBD concentrates are the perfect product if you’ve tried CBD oil or e-liquid and are looking for something a little stronger. With a range including CBD wax crumble for dabbing and CBD vape additives for dropping in your favourite e-liquid you can transform your vape liquid using Canavape.

Our range of CBD wax is terpene infused to recreate the flavours of some of your favourite cannabis strains. It’s also multi-cannabinoid, with CBD, CBG, and terpenes which creates the entourage effect.

If you’re looking to add CBD to one of your favourite e-liquids, the CBD vape additives from our concentrates range are perfect for you. Available in three different strengths, you can choose which level of CBD, or CBG is best for your desired effect.


CBD Concentrates FAQS 


What are CBD concentrates? 

Concentrates are just that: concentrated CBD used for dabbing and vaping. Concentrates are ideal for those looking for a higher concentration of CBD per hit. They allow you to inhale large quantities of CBD through the lungs, reaching the bloodstream almost immediately. This makes them suitable for people looking for instant benefits, and they have become a popular method of consuming CBD. 

Are CBD concentrates legal? 

Yes, CBD concentrates are legal if they contain an approved amount of CBD. Our concentrates are produced using pharmaceutical grade CBD and naturally derived cannabinoids, fully legally certified. 

How to use CBD crumble 

This might seem complicated at first, but CBD crumbles are incredibly easy to use when you know how and have the right equipment. These products are dabbed; this is when a small amount is vapourised on a glass rig or in a vaporiser. You simply inhale the smoke from this the way you would a vape. 

What CBD concentrate is right for me?

If you’re a confident dabber and have all the right equipment, including a dab rig or wax vaporiser, then CBD wax crumble is a good choice. It’s one of the most concentrated forms of CBD you can get, with around 93% purity. This represents very high cannabinoids by volume (CBV).

Our CBD and CBG vape additives are better suited if you already vape e-liquids and are looking for a simple way to work cannabinoids into your liquid. They work with 50:50 PG/VG E Liquids and you add a few drops then shake well. You can tailor your e-liquid to achieve a CBV strength (cannabinoids by volume) that you desire.

How much CBD concentrate should I use?

Everybody’s tolerance to cannabinoids is different, so how much you should use depends on your physiology and your experience with CBD products. However, we generally advise that you start with a low amount and gradually work your way up to determine what level is right for you.

What does CBD concentrate do?

This compound is found to be effective in combating a variety of different conditions, from alleviating chronic pain to providing a sense of calmness.

What do CBD dabs taste like?

The taste has been described as earthy, and like medicine.

What does CBD concentrate do?

While the effects may vary based on someone’s sensitivity and dose, possible benefits of CBD include anti-stress and anti-anxiety.

Is CBD wax good for you?

This compound is found to be effective in combating a variety of different conditions, from alleviating chronic pain to providing a sense of calmness.

Original quality & purity you can trust

Canavape is the original CBD brand launched in 2o14. We don’t cut corners, nor do we do cheap ingredients… so why should you?

We only produce and sell High Grade Cannabinoid products which contain what they say without the misleading strengths!

The cannabinoid profiles we formulate provide a true entourage experience in vape format. Vaping pure cannabinoids is the fastest way to get CBD into your system. When it comes to vaping refuse to compromise on quality! Vape Canavape®. Made & tested in an accredited laboratory using our pharmaceutical grade CBD, CBG & our propriety manufacturing process.

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