CBD Oils

CBD oils & tinctures are a simple way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine. ECS® Gold Drops® are made with cold pressed full-plant extracts and pure cannabinoids for a wholesome CBD experience, no matter what strength you choose.

CBD Oils

If you want to take CBD or other cannabinoids daily but prefer not to vape e-liquids then consumables like CBD oil, tinctures, or capsules are an ideal alternative.

Using CBD oil is as simple as putting a drop of liquid under your tongue from where it’s absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. All ECS® CBD oils come with a dropper that makes them fast, convenient, discreet, and easy to take.

CBD oils come in a variety of strengths from 2.5% to 12.5% cannabinoid content, perfect for everyone from beginners to CBD experts. ECS Gold Drops from Canavape might just be the place to start!

Which strength should I start with?

The strength of CBD oil that you require depends on your experience with CBD and what it is you’re looking for. However, whatever strength you begin with, it’s important to start off slow and then build up how much you take if necessary. With recent research taking place we recommend that you take no more than 70mg of active CBD per day. Read our guide on how much CBD to take for more information.

Does CBD oil contain THC?

No Canavape or ECS® Gold Drops products contain THC, the psychoactive cannabis compound that is illegal in the UK. That means they don’t have any psychoactive effects, won’t show up on drugs tests, and don’t stop you from driving.

Can I vape CBD oil?

CBD oil is not for vaping, it’s for taking sublingually. Sometimes CBD e-liquid is called CBD vape oil, so that might be where the confusion comes from. CBD oil should only be taken as drops placed under the tongue and shouldn’t be put in a vape pen.

Can I use CBD oil alongside CBD e-liquid?

Yes, if you own multiple different CBD products, it’s possible to use them alongside each other. Just choose the method of use that’s most convenient for you that day & be mindful of how much CBD you really need. Thinking deeper – how much of that cbd actually gets into your body? Practice makes perfect so trying out a couple of Canavape CBD products can be beneficial.

Will it affect my medication?

CBD has the potential to interfere with certain medications as it affects the way that the P450 enzyme metabolises many medications. If medicine you’re taking uses the P450 system, it may be affected by CBD. Consult with your doctor to see if it’s safe for you to supplement your medicines with CBD.

Drugs that may be affected by CBD include: steroids, antihistamines, HIV antivirals, antibiotics, anaesthetics, antidepressants, beta blockers, anti-epileptics, and antipsychotics.

Can CBD oil help me sleep?

A lot of CBD users report that taking CBD oil and capsules helps them get to sleep at night. Initial studies seem to show that it can benefit users with insomnia, and it could even potentially have wider relaxing and anti-anxiety qualities.

However, research into the effects of CBD is still only in the early stages and more research needs to be carried out to understand the full impact it can have.

Original quality & purity you can trust

Canavape is the original, it does not cut corners, nor do we do cheap ingredients… so why should you?

We only produce and sell High Grade Cannabinoid e liquids & vape products. The cannabinoid profiles are formulated to provide a true entourage experience in vape format. Vaping pure cannabinoids is the fastest way to get CBD into your system so don’t compromise on quality – vape Canavape®. Made & tested in an accredited laboratory using pharmaceutical grade CBD, CBG & our propriety manufacturing process.

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