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CBD & CBG Additives

Canavape high-strength vape additives, available in 10ml bottles, are designed to elevate your vaping experience. Suitable for mixing with any 50:50 e-liquid, these additives enhance versatility. Options include pure CBD, CBG, broad spectrum, or full spectrum, with strengths ranging from 120mg/1ml to 240mg/1ml. Perfectly paired with our CBD e-liquids, they offer a customisable & potent vaping choice.

Introducing CBD CBG Additives for Enhanced Benefits

Our CBD oil range at is enriched with the latest innovation in the hemp industry—CBD CBG additives. These additives are designed to boost the effects of CBD E Liquids by combining it with CBG (cannabigerol), another non-intoxicating cannabinoids with its own unique properties. The inclusion of CBG is known to enhance the entourage effect, providing a broader range of benefits to the user. Our products that feature CBD CBG additives & other cannabinoid options are formulated to complement a balanced lifestyle while offering an advanced CBD experience. At Canavape we recognise that everyone is different so all Canavape CBD E Liquid bottles are equipped with a quick fill tip where you can easily add CBD CBG or other additives to diversify & boost the strength of your E Liquid in seconds. This enables you to find a suitable level of cannabinoids & concentration which suits you.

The Synergistic Effects of CBD CBG Additives

CBD CBG additives bring a new dimension to the therapeutic potential of hemp-derived products. CBG, often considered the “mother of all cannabinoids,” works in synergy with CBD to support wellbeing. This potent combination can be found in our selection of oils, each carefully crafted to ensure that our customers receive the full spectrum of benefits associated with these powerful hemp compounds.

Legality and Quality Assurance of CBD CBG Additives

Just like our CBD offerings, the CBD CBG additives in our product range are completely legal in the UK. They adhere to the same stringent regulations, ensuring THC levels fall within 1mg per container with many THC free options available alongside full spectrum. Every batch of high strength CBD CBG additives is rigorously tested, maintaining our commitment to quality and compliance. These lab reports are readily available for our customers, ensuring transparency and trust in our CBD + CBG products.

Optimised Manufacturing for Premium CBD CBG Additives

Our CBD with CBG additives undergo a meticulous manufacturing process. The CBG is extracted from high-quality hemp flowers and then seamlessly integrated with pure CBD in a carrier oil. This process is carried out with the utmost care to preserve the purity and potency of both cannabinoids, resulting in a premium product that sets a new standard in the CBD market.

Incorporating CBD CBG Additives into Your Routine

Incorporating our CBD CBG additives into your daily regimen is a breeze. They can be added to any of our E Liquids via the quick fill tip allowing you to tailor your Canavape to your desired strength. Canavape Additives do away with the need to try numerous different products at different strengths, enabling you to completely customise your Canavape E Liquid to your personal preferences. The CBD CBG additives enhance the routine, offering a more comprehensive approach to wellness. Our users report greater satisfaction when these enhanced products are taken regularly, as part of a committed CBD routine.

Getting Started with CBD CBG Additives

For those looking to start their journey with CBD, our products with CBD CBG additives offer a fantastic starting point. They provide a well-rounded experience by combining two influential cannabinoids alongside full spectrum options. Beginners are recommended to start with a manageable dosage and gradually adjust the strength of their E Liquid using Canavape additives according to their individual needs. Our Additives are available in a choice of strengths or cannabinoids giving you the choice of which strength to start at.

The Preferred Method of Taking CBD with CBG Additives

To fully benefit from the CBD CBG additives, we recommend you add them to a Canavape E Liquid or 50:50 E Liquid. This ensures that the cannabinoids are blended with a compatible E Liquid. When vaped these cannabinoids are rapidly and efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream, maximising bioavailability. For those who prefer alternatives, our CBD CBG additives can also be mixed with food or drinks, though this may affect the absorption rate.

Why Choose CBD CBG Additives?

Choosing our CBD products including CBD CBG additives means opting for a more holistic hemp experience. These additives offer a wider range of cannabinoids, potentially leading to more comprehensive wellness benefits. The inclusion of CBG aims to enhance the natural effects of CBD, providing a powerful duo that reflects the versatility and richness of the hemp plant.

Embracing the Full Potential of CBD with CBG & Cannabinoid Additives

By choosing for your CBD needs, including our innovative CBD CBG additives, you’re not only getting a superior product but also the assurance of quality and safety. With our CBD CBG additives, you can embrace the full potential of what the hemp plant has to offer, ensuring an enriched experience that is tailored to support your wellbeing.