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Canavape extracts CBD wax, designed for dabbing or vaping with a suitable wax pen, offer terpene-infused, multi-cannabinoid waxes. Available in both broad-spectrum (0% THC) and full-spectrum varieties with minor cannabinoids, CBD wax crumbles are enhanced with imported Canadian terpenes. With regular additions of new terpene profiles, our range provides diverse options. All CBD wax and CBD crumbles are manufactured in the UK, ensuring quality and consistency.

Discover the Potency of CBD Wax

At, we’re dedicated to providing a diverse range of CBD products, including the highly potent CBD CBG wax. CBD wax is a form of CBD concentrate, which is known for its high potency and purity. It’s perfect for those who require a more concentrated dose of CBD in their daily regimen. Our CBD wax range is derived from high-quality hemp plants and processed to maintain the rich CBD content and terpenes, ensuring an authentic and powerful experience. Choose from a wide range of cannabinoid & terpene profiles allowing you to diversify away from just CBD.

The Legal Status of CBD Wax in the UK

CBD wax, like all our CBD products, is completely legal in the UK. Adhering to the same strict guidelines as CBD oil, our CBD wax contains no more than 1mg THC per container, aligning with UK legal standards. This enables you to enjoy the benefits of CBD wax without any legal concerns. Each batch of our CBD wax is made using the finest hemp extracts & terpenes which are all independently lab-tested. You can access these detailed reports on our website, ensuring full transparency and trust in our products.

How CBD Wax is Crafted for Quality

Creating the perfect CBD wax involves a careful extraction process to concentrate the cannabinoids while preserving the valuable terpenes and flavonoids. Our CBD wax is made by extracting CBD & cannabinoids from the hemp plant and then infusing with natural terpenes whilst purifying it to remove any excess lipids or plant matter. As with everything Canavape does, we do this in house. The result is an exceptional dense, crystallised substance that is rich in CBD, CBG & other cannabinoids. This form of CBD is particularly popular among those seeking a more impactful method of ingestion, given its high concentration and the swift onset of effects when vaporised.

Ideal Times to Use CBD Wax

Due to its high potency, CBD wax is ideal for those who are already familiar with CBD products and are looking for something stronger. It’s a popular choice for evening use, helping to unwind after a long day, or to support recovery post-workout. The intensity of CBD wax & multi-cannabinoid crumble makes dosing simpler because a little goes a long way. For consistent users, integrating CBD wax into your routine can provide a satisfying experience with less frequent dosing required.

Guidance for New Users of CBD Wax

For individuals new to CBD wax, we at recommend starting with a small amount due to its high concentration of CBD. It’s easy to administer using a dab rig, or a vapouriser specifically designed for concentrates like the ACE CUP. As you become accustomed to the effects of CBD wax & terpenes, you can gradually adjust your dosage to suit your specific needs and preferences. Always ensure that you’re consuming responsibly and in accordance with your lifestyle and well-being goals.

The Sublingual Method vs. CBD Wax

While CBD oil is traditionally taken sublingually for better bioavailability, CBD wax offers a different kind of experience. It is typically not used sublingually due to its dense and sticky consistency. Instead, CBD wax is best utilised through inhalation methods such as dabbing or vaping, which deliver the CBD directly to the bloodstream through the lungs, providing a rapid and potent onset of effects.

Embrace the Strength of CBD Wax

In conclusion, the range of CBD wax & multi cannabinoid crumbles is a powerful alternative to traditional CBD oil, offering a more concentrated form of CBD & cannabinoids for those looking for significant potency in their CBD products. Our commitment at is to provide you with the highest quality CBD wax that is legal, safe, and consistently tested for purity. Whether you’re a seasoned CBD user or looking to upgrade your CBD experience, our CBD wax range is an excellent choice for achieving your wellness objectives. Explore our selection and experience the exceptional strength of CBD wax today.