• marijuana leaves and medicine bottles

    How To Take CBD Oil

    Because of CBD’s ability to amalgamate with other substances, it has been paired with other oils, included in food products, and made into E-Liquid for smoking, by manufacturers and consumers …

  • Smiling elderly woman

    What Are The Effects Of CBD E-Liquid?

    You’ve probably heard of CBD since medicinal cannabis was made legal by the UK government in November 2018, or maybe you’ve always have been aware of this cannabis-derived substance’s medicinal …

  • CBD balm

    Ways to Use CBD Balm

    If you experience joint or muscle pain, or suffer from irritating skin conditions, CBD balm could be the solution. CBD balm is known for easing the symptoms associated with neck and back …

  • Stressed worker at computer

    CBD Shows Anti-Depressive Effects On Animals But Could It Treat Major Depressive Disorder In Humans?

    CBD is everywhere at the moment, and it seems like people all over the world are vouching for the effects it has on their mood and mental health, but scientists …

  • Woman holding plant and soil

    The Differences Between Hemp Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, CBD Oil, And Cannabis Oil

    As you’d expect from their names, hemp oil, CBD oil, cannabis oil, and hemp seed oil are all made from the same family of plants – cannabis. This industrious plant …

  • cannabis buds

    What Are Terpenes And How Are They Related To CBD?

    Terpenes are the organic chemical compounds that are responsible for the smell and flavour of every plant organism – including vegetables, flowers and of course, cannabis. There are more than …

  • cannabis buds

    Can You Smoke Hemp And Is It Good For You?

    Smokable hemp flowers are more available now than ever and they’re being used by some people as a replacement for other methods of ingesting CBD, or even as a replacement …

  • CBD dropper and clear bottle

    What is CBG?

    If you’ve heard of CBD, you’ve probably also heard of CBG, or cannabigerol to use its full name. CBD producers that extract full spectrum hemp oil often boast about the …

  • Happy couple in a car

    Is It Safe To Drive After Taking CBD?

    As awareness around CBD has grown, it has become more and more popular with people around the UK and beyond. Research is still ongoing to determine the exact benefits of CBD, but users …


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