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How to travel with your vape device

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Whether you’re jet setting off on a holiday or travelling for a business trip, it’s important to check your airline’s vape policy before travelling with your device. If you’re travelling to a different country altogether, you should also consider checking the specific vaping laws of the country, too.

Can you take a vape on a plane?

If you want to take your vape away with you, you’ll need to pack it in your carry on/hand luggage. Airlines don’t allow vapes to be placed in the hold, so if you put it in your checked baggage this could potentially cause delays. This is because vape devices exclusively use lithium batteries, which are the same as in laptops and most mobile phones.

Lithium batteries are a potential fire hazard and can’t be kept in the plane’s cargo hold for this reason. So, much like your laptop or mobile phone, you will have to place your vape in your hold luggage.

Any extra refills and liquids can be packed into your hold luggage or your carry on – however, it’s a good idea to place these in a plastic bag no matter where you’ve stored them, as changes in cabin air pressure could cause them to leak.

Can you take e-liquids on a plane?

Yes, you can. But, they will have to meet any liquid limitations in place.

Whilst you can pack as much liquid in your hold luggage as you’d like, your carry-on luggage can only contain a limit of 100mls of any variety of liquid. So, bear this in mind when you pack your bags, as usually you are restricted to one small bag worth of liquids for carry-on luggage, and your e-liquid may take up too much space.

Can you smoke vapes on a plane?

Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to use a vape on a plane. The only reason the vape is carried onboard is the lithium batteries it runs on. Being caught using a vape on a plane can carry serious consequences, including severe legal penalties and we discourage this behaviour to the utmost degree.

Don’t try to be clever or sly, either; airlines have long since installed detectors in their onboard toilets to identify anyone trying to quietly vape during their flight. Once you have passed through security into the terminal, you won’t be able to vape until you have arrived at your destination and found a designated smoking area.

Some UK airports have designated smoking areas after security, but these are usually located outside or away from the terminal. They don’t often have their vaping policies freely available, so check with your departure before you travel.

Do vapes leak on planes?

Unfortunately vape tanks do tend to leak on planes due to the change in air pressure. The pressure pushes the e-liquid out of your tank. Despite the cabin being pressurised, the air pressure is still different than what it was when you began your journey. Whilst we can control many things, nature is not one of them and there isn’t much you can do to stop this happening.

However, if you leave your tanks empty during travel, then you can avoid leakage. If you need to keep some in your tank, try to fill them no more than halfway and when travelling with e-liquid bottles squeeze out as much air as you can to allow for the expansion of the air.

How to buy vape juice and refills abroad

You might need to buy refills for your vape unless you pack the right amount. However, it’s important to know that (especially in the case of CBD vape) that not all countries allow the sale of e-liquids. Some have banned vaping altogether, and in these countries you will not be allowed to use your vape at all.

If you’ve already checked and confirmed that you are travelling to a CBD-vape-friendly place, then finding e-liquid can be as easy as finding it at home, but you may have to buy it from a specific retailer. Finding vape juice abroad can be a challenging experience, so we recommend buying and bringing what you need with you – CBD e-liquid may be particularly difficult to source, so stock up before you go.

How to take care of your vape while abroad

We aren’t the only ones who need heat protection on holiday: heat, light and air are the three main enemies of e-liquid. If you leave your liquid in direct sunshine all day, your e-liquid could be altered by the heat and UV rays. So, if you can, leave your e-liquid in your hotel room when you go sunbathing.

E-liquid is best kept at a cool but not cold temperature in a dark place, so usually a drawer or cupboard in your accommodation will be sufficient to ensure the e-liquid isn’t affected.


Please note: This blog post reflects historical data predating recent changes in cannabinoid laws, medical cannabis regulations, and some of our best CBD product names, strengths, and formulations. These historical blogs remain as a reference post our website update, but they might contain outdated information. Discover our updated CBD and legal cannabinoid products for the best CBD experience.