CBD capsules are convenient to take & easy to incorporate cannabidiol into your daily wellness routine. ECS CompleX Capsules are vegan friendly, organic and made with pure cannabinoids. Take 1-2 per day with or without food.

Taking CBD or other cannabinoids like CBG is easy however if you prefer not to vape CBD vape liquids then CBD capsules & CBD Oils are an ideal alternative.

Taking CBD capsules is as simple as placing one or two capsules into your mouth and swallowing with water or food. ECS® CompleX Capsules are vegan friendly and a small capsule size making them especially easy to swallow.

CBD capsules are available in a range of strengths in the UK ranging anywhere from 1mg per capsule up to 70mg per capsule. These CBD oil capsules normally come in either a 10mg, 20mg, 30mg, 50mg, or 70mg dose. All ECS Capsules are between 30mg and 35mg which gives you the choice whether to take one or two each day.

To experience the potential benefits of CBD in ECS CBD capsules we advise you to try them for at least 30 days. 


How to take CBD capsules 

  1. Unscrew cap to reveal seal and peel off
  2. Place 1 – 2 capsules in your mouth
  3. Swallow with a glass of water or some food 
  4. Get on with your day safe in the knowledge that you have taken your CBD


CBD Capsule FAQs 


What strength of CBD capsule should I buy?

The strength of a CBD capsule or oil depends on your experience with CBD and what symptoms you are targeting. Because we advise that you take no more than 70mg of active CBD per day we have produced ECS capsules in a 30mg and 35mg option. This allows you to take up to 2 per day. You can find out more on CBD oil doses in our guide on how much CBD oil to take .


Will CBD capsules get high? 

No CBD capsules from ECS® will not get you high. None of our products contain THC which is the psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant. ECS Capsules have no psychoactive effects, they will not show up on drugs screenings, and do not stop you from driving. 


Can I use take CBD capsules and vape CBD at the same time?

Yes, you can. With two different methods of administration you may find that taking CBD is actually easier. We all use CBD and cannabis for different reasons. If you are out and about something may trigger you to feel anxious – this is where a CBD E Liquid or vape might come in handy – with almost instant delivery of cannabinoids to the receptors in your body offering a very rapid onset of effects. 

When CBD is absorbed through the stomach and gut it takes longer so CBD capsules are the perfect answer to factoring cannabinoids along with other capsules or tablets you take in the morning or at night.


Will taking CBD capsules affect my medication? 

Potentially… CBD can interfere with some medications as it affects the way that your body metabolises them. If in doubt please consult with your doctor to ensure that CBD does not have potential interactions with any prescribed medications. You can also read our guide to how CBD affects medication found here.

Medications that may be affected by CBD include: steroids, antihistamines, HIV antivirals, antibiotics, anaesthetics, antidepressants, beta blockers, anti-epileptics and antipsychotics.


Will CBD capsules help me sleep?

A lot of CBD users report that taking CBD capsules helps them get to sleep at night. Studies show that it can benefit users with insomnia, and could have wider relaxing and anti-anxiety qualities. 


What are the benefits of CBD capsules?

CBD capsules contain cannabidiol oil which has been studied for its potential role in easing the symptoms of many common health conditions. More information on the potential benefits of CBD can be found on our blog.


How do CBD capsules make you feel?

CBD in general can have positive effects because it supports the body’s endocannabinoid system which maintains homeostasis. Some studies suggest that it may help you feel relaxed even though it does not contain THC. It is the lack of psychoactive compounds which make CBD ideal for tackling problematic anxiety or other ailments in everyday life.


Can you use CBD if you’re pregnant?

You should not use CBD if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding becuase it is known that it passes through the placenta and therefore may have an impact on the development… however unlikely.


What do CBD capsules taste like?

Nothing! ECS® CBD capsules are flavourless and tasteless. Made with natural and organic ingredients in a vegan friendly capsule.


When was CBD oil made legal in the UK?

CBD oil has always been legal but officially since 2016 when the MHRA stated that products containing CBD could be classed as medicines. CBD products sold on the Canavape® website are not medicines, but supplements which have undergone stringent testing processes to ensure they meet the safety, quality and efficacy standards you should expect from an established brand. These standards protect consumers, and help to ensure CBD products on the market are safe for consumption.


Can I drive after taking CBD capsules?

ECS Capsules contain only pure CBD with no detectable THC. This means that you can safely drive and operate machinery when using ECS products. CompleX Capsules, ECS CBD Gold Drops and oils are all made in the UK and batch tested for purity. For more information on taking cannabinoids and driving visit our blog to read about driving after taking CBD.


Original quality & purity you can trust

Canavape is the original CBD brand launched in 2o14. We don’t cut corners, nor do we do cheap ingredients… so why should you?

We only produce and sell High Grade Cannabinoid products which contain what they say without the misleading strengths!

The cannabinoid profiles we formulate provide a true entourage experience in vape format. Vaping pure cannabinoids is the fastest way to get CBD into your system. When it comes to vaping refuse to compromise on quality! Vape Canavape®. Made & tested in an accredited laboratory using our pharmaceutical grade CBD, CBG & our propriety manufacturing process.

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